General Manager: Ghaleb Abo Omar

Contact Person: Ghaleb Abo Omar

Short Description: Mr. Ghaleb is a footwear Modelist he draws any design from zero with accurate and standard measurements by hand and on design software on computers, he can draw sole patterns and make last designs, all types of shoes for all genders and seasons. He can enlarge patterns to make various sizes.

History: Ghaleb Centre started In 1990 when Mr. Ghalebhimself travelled to Italy and studied for 3 years Shoe design, in 1993 he returned to Palestine and opened a small shoe designing workshop, from 1994 Ghaleb started to give shoe designing training courses every year in collaboration with the Leather and shoe Union and from 2013 with the Palestinian Cluster, in 2010 he improved his work and introduced designing on computer, then in 2012 he purchased a laser cutting machine.

Vision & Mission: To develop local production and designing, train and teach a shoe designer for each factory in Hebron.

Experience: Expert in all stages of shoe production.

Contact Us
Address Hebron, Esa, Sharawy Building
Mobile 0599676519 - 0597423424
Email ghalebabuomer@yahoo.it / ghalebabuomer@gmail.com
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